Don`t be a stranger in Tehran!

This Persian course will help you start speaking effortlessly from the very first lesson.

What is Express Persian Course?

This Persian course is like no other course out there. It won`t take your time by teaching you the alphabet, it will teach you understand spoken Persian and speak it right away! The course consists of 16 lessons, each of them covers vocabulary, grammar, everyday phrases and exercises – as many as you need to really learn everything. Each lesson won`t take more than an hour to complete. You can work on your Persian any time and any place that is right for you and put as much time as you have in your studies. 

Katya in Haygher Canyon

About the author

Katya Monajemi (BA in the Persian language, BA in Cultural Anthropology with focus on Iran) has been actively teaching Persian for over 2 years and by now has helped 20+ students (of all ages and backgrounds) learn Persian for various purposes.

Having mastered her own Persian up to the level of a native speaker, she now helps others not only learn basic Persian, but also focus on pronunciation and spoken Persian at an advanced level.

People learn other languages to communicate, and that is Katya`s goal – to prepare her students to communicate to Iranians in real life.


Although it`s easier to find someone who speaks English in Tehran and touristy cities like Shiraz or Isfahan, if you step a bit off the beaten track, it might be harder to communicate with people.


If you are planning to move to Iran just for a few months or a couple of years, this course is a good start for preparing yourself and your family for this move.

In relationship with an Iranian

You probably speak English or another language with your sweetheart, but they will definitely appreciate it if you bring a Persian phrase or two into your conversations once in a while. What`s more, knowing some Persian will help you in Persian family gatherings.


who is considering learning Persian but is not sure about it This course will give you an opportunity to try out this new language, won`t let you lose your motivation by confusing with a complicated alphabet and help you decide whether to continue and learn it more deeply or give it up.

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No need to learn the alphabet

You don`t need to learn the alphabet to start learning and speaking Persian. This course uses Finglish (Farsi+English), Persian words are written in English letters which will save you a lot of time and give you instant results.

Everyday Persian

In each lesson, you will learn a few phrases that are used on daily basis by Iranians. It will help you learn these vital phrases from the very beginning and let you use Persian every day.

Get a glimpse on Iranian culture

After finishing the course, not only will you learn the language, but also deepen your knowledge of Iranian culture.

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Lots of listening exercises

Each lesson includes audio files for all texts and dialogues and one or two listening exercises. Most of them have been recorded by native speakers.

Real-life materials

This course includes a lot of real-life materials like menus of cafes and restaurants, Iranian songs, TV schedules of Persian-language TV schedules and much more.

Have fun learning Persian

The course is designed in a way to make the whole learning plan not only educating, but also entertaining and engaging. You will watch and understand fun videos and even Iranian songs.

'You will learn' icon

talk about yourself and your family

describe your house

arrange a meeting with a friend

talk about your daily routine

talk about what you do &
where you work

talk about things you like & don`t like


share your contact info, incl. phone number & address

understand & give directions

talk about your country & compare it to Iran

ask for something


and much more!


One-on-One lessons

To continue learning Persian through speaking, you can take one-on-one Persian lessons with Katya.

learn the alphabet

Now that you know the basics, you can start learning the alphabet to deepen your knowledge of Persian. You can use any standard course book, take any other course or book a lesson with Katya.

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