About Stranger in Tehran

Hi there! And welcome to my blog!

I`ve been living in Iran for several years now since I married an Iranian. And during all this time I`ve been thinking of a medium to share what I see here with others and mostly with foreigners. Iran is well covered in mass media, but they say almost nothing about people`s everyday life. And I believe that it would be interesting for people all over the world to see what kind of life Iranians have and what kind of people they are.

You might think that there are plenty of blogs that are written by Iranian bloggers and there is no need in one more blog of that kind. But you would agree that the way people see their own country differs from how foreigners see it. And I would like to show you Iran (and mostly Tehran) from a foreigner`s point of view.

Also I hope my blog can be useful for those who are planning a trip to Iran or are staying or even live here. I`ll try to update it on different events, places of interest and interesting spots in Tehran.

So, read on and take a glimpse at life in Tehran!

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