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    Learn Persian

    Learn Persian (Farsi) with YouTube

    Language learners are blessed to have so many audio and video aid available online to learn Persian (Farsi). Nowadays, there is no need to travel to the country to listen to native speakers, you can just open YouTube or Instagram or any other social media and find tons of content in your target language. I have to confess, I envy you! When I was learning Persian there was just IranProud website where you could download Iranian TV series, movies, music, but without any subtitles. Now, there are websites that offer Iranian movies and TV series with subtitles, and it`s pretty easy to find translation of almost any Iranian song on…

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    Learn Persian

    Learn Persian (Farsi) with Instagram

    How much time do you study Persian during the week? Probably, once or twice a week? And I bet, it`s so hard to go back to studying every time, because you probably realize that after a few days you have forgotten some new words and need to study them again, and switching to Persian is harder. The golden tip professional language learners and teachers give is to surround yourself with the language, immerse yourself into the culture of the language that you are learning. Don`t wait for the class to study the language, do it while you are scrolling your social media feed, or while watching your favorite TV show,…

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    Learn Persian

    How I Learned Persian

    Learning Persian by yourself has certain difficulties. First of all, there are not many textbooks that would teach you enough vocabulary. Most English textbooks cover all Grammar and Vocabulary in just one book which is a huge volume of information that may be hard to comprehend. And most Iranian textbooks (which cover various skills and are designed for different levels) are available only in Iran. Secondly, even if you decide to take group courses, it`s pretty hard to find one in your town. So the most efficient way to learn the Persian language is to work with a tutor. Just in case you are looking for one, I`d be happy…