Men`s Hijab: Basics of Men`s Dress-code in Iran

When it comes to the dress code, the first thing that comes to mind is scarfs, chadors, etc. Not many foreigners know that there are certain dress-code rules for men as well.
Of course, these rules are not so elaborate as for women, but still it’s not a bad idea to know them before going to Iran.
The basic rule is that men like women are not supposed to show legs (except for feet) and arms (from elbow and higher). Although, nowadays T-shirts with shorter sleeves are also acceptable. The ideal clothing for men can be illustrated by this ideological poster in a bus: a long-sleeve shirt, pants (preferably not jeans) and – which doesn’t have anything to do with clothing, but still! – bristle!
An ideological poster in BRT bus in Tehran

You can see men wearing long-sleeve shirts here even during hot summer season. Of course, there is practical thing in it, too – after a day in the sun an Iranian will simply get black. Some young guys wearing a T-shirt even put on special separate sleeves (mostly used by women under manteau) to protect their skin from sunburn.

So, dear male travellers, leave your shorts and T-shirts without sleeves at home before coming to Iran and enjoy your trip! 
PS Those who are interested what this particular poster is about, let me tell you. It`s called “Western influence” and says that Iranians pick up Western habits (like having a pet at home) easily and without paying attention to their own traditions and culture (dogs in Islam are considered impure, and you won`t see many of them in Iran, either at homes or in the street – what can`t be said about cats. But it`s another story ;).

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