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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow Before Travelling to Iran


Nowadays the Internet is overloaded with information about different countries and travelling tips, and social networks are making planning a trip even easier. Many Iranian Instagram accounts I follow give me inspiration to continue exploring Iran, its deserts, villages and islands, as well as rediscover major cities on the tourist trail. If you are planning to visit Iran, these Instagram accounts will be a great help to you to plan your route, whether you prefer a safe plan or are looking for an adventure. And if you are just curious about Iran, they will definitely inspire you on packing you bag and travelling to Iran as soon as possible, because you just can`t resist the temptation to see this unexplored land!

Explore Everyday Life of Iranians with @everydayiran

Everyday Iran is probably one of the most popular and most followed Iranian Instagram accounts. Tons of photos are published under its hashtag #everydayiran every day. Take a glimpse on everyday life of Iranians from all over Iran in one place.

Iran Through Videos with @dour_nist

What is the best way to imagine what it is like to live or travel in a country? That`s right, to see a video shot in this country. @dour_nist project offers over 150 (by now) short documentary films about different aspects of life in Iran – from less known tourist sights to hectic life of bazaars, Iranian rituals and food. Watching these videos you can find yourself in the middle of making a meal for a hundred people during moharram, in a traditional household in a godforsaken village or in he middle of the desert somewhere in Kerman province.

خوراکی های بازار تهران وقتی توی #بازار_تهران می گردی، انواع خوراکی ها رو میتونی پیدا کنی، از لوکس ترین رستوران ها هست تا ارزون ترین غذاهایی که روی چرخ و کنار مسیر می فروشند، تابستان با دوست عزیزم، رضا مهرآور که بازار رو مثل کف دستش می شناسه به رستورانی رفتیم که کل مساحت آشپزخانه و سالنش هفت یا هشت متر بود و اگه پنج تا مشتری داشته باشه دیگه ظرفیتش تکمیله، و یه غذای ویژه و پر طرفدار هم داشت که جاتون خالی ما هم سفارش دادیم، زرشک پلو با مرغ همراه با قیمه اضافه، عجب غذایی بود!!! برای چای بعد از ناهار هم با راهنمایی آقا رضا رفتیم کوچکترین قهوه خونه دنیا با قدمتی حدود نود سال که توی راهروی باریک#مدرسه_عبدالله_خان در بازار بزرگ بود، #قهوه_خانه_حاج_علی_درویش، یادش به خیر چه روز خوبی بود ، ممنون از رضای عزیز🙏🌹 @rezaa.mehraavar

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Backpacking in Iran with @sizdahom

Backpacking in Iran is not as popular in, let`s say, Europe. Most backpackers in Iran are foreign tourist travelling around the region. However, there are some Iranians who not only use this way of transportation for traveling, but has chosen it as an inseparable part of traveling and discovering new places. Ershad, aka sizdahom, shares his travel experiences as well as stories of the people he meets and his life as a blogger. Most captions are in Farsi, but videos he shoots during his travels are worth seeing.

Get Impressed by Yazd with @mostafa_dadras

Yazd is one of the musts for travelers who visit Iran for the first time. It`s very different from Isfahan and Shiraz – you won`t see much color in here. However, people come here for its narrow lanes with mud houses where it`s pretty easy to get lost, huge castles scattered in nearby towns and villages and of course, the desert. If Yazd is not on your list yet, check out this account where photographer Mostafa Dadras shares impressive pictures of various places and towns in Yazd province focusing on architecture. And maybe you will reconsider your route!


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The Unexplored Island of Hormoz with @hasandaryapeyma

Hasan lives on Hormoz island. If you haven`t heard about the red paradise of the Persian Gulf, then you must follow Hasan`s account right now. He is not a professional photographer, I even suspect his English might be far far far from good. But conveying the magic of Hormoz island doesn`t require any specific skills. Every day Hasan publishes photos and videos of everyday life on the island: children playing on the red beach, women in traditional clothes selling souvenirs by the red castle, tourists exploring a red valley covered with salt. I`ve seen many places in Iran, but to me, Hormoz remains one the most unique places in the whole country.

توریست هلند ساحل سرخ جزیره هرمز اقامت خانه مادر حسن هرنفر 30 هزارتومان با صبحانه جزیره هرمز خدمات : اسکان غذا تور گشت جزیره هرمز حسن دریاپیمای هرمزی : 09171697644 #هرمزگان #هرمز✨ #جزیره #جزیره_کیش #جزیره_قشم #جزیره_هرمز #توریستی #عکاسان_ایرانی #گردشگری #ایران_را_باید_دید #اقامت #راهنمایی #hormoz #manoto #bbcc #منوتو #ماجراجویی #تور #سفر #منوتوپلاس #خانه_هنرمندان #شما #bbcpersian #گزارشگر #بومگردی #هاستل #کافه #کوله_گردی #هیچهایک #سفر_ارزان

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Offbeat Iran with @yomadic

It seems that @yomadic is the only non-Iranian on my list, but that`s rather an advantage here. Nate Robert has a huge experience of travelling, especially travelling to Iran. Moreover, now he organizes tour to Iran which he calls “untour” since he shows Iran off the beaten track. It`s a pleasure to read his captures unveiling Iran with all his drawbacks and beauties. Nate pays attention to details you`ll never find in Iranian Instagram accounts. If you can`t join one of his tours, don`t hesitate to follow his adventures on Instagram. Although he is in Ukraine now, I`m sure he`ll be back to Iran soon again.

Explore Rural North of Iran with @ali.jafari.445

Lush green mountains with scattered small wooden village houses, women working on rice fields, children playing in the yard, men at work in the sea and again, endless landscapes of the mountains. These are the main subjects of Ali Jafari`s photography, but after seeing these peaceful places and hard-working people you will definitely decide to make it to the north of Iran, so popular among Iranians, but actually misused and unexplored by them. No one can show this part of Iran better than a person who lives there and knows its life as it is. Just be careful, looking at these photos every day may persuade you to leave everything and move to one of those little villages to unite with nature.

… نگین سبز گیلان _ تالش _بلندی های ماسال

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Find Peace with @shahriari_nasim

Iranian women are as active on Instagram as men are, and can find lots of female photographers, travelers or just storytellers on Instagram. Nasim Shahriari is one of my favorites here. She shows Iran from a truly female perspective paying attention to details. Her series of photos of a traditional house at Abadeh is just amazing – these pictures will give you a feeling of a quite autumn afternoon at an old Iranian traditional house where time has stopped. Nasim`s will certainly guide you where to find peace in Iran.



Iranian American Blogger @mypersiancorner

If you are reading the Culture Trip, you might have come across Pontia Fallahi`s name. Apart from making lists and writing guides for this popular travel startup, she writes for her own blog and shares her everyday thoughts and stories on her Instagram account. Don`t miss Pontia`s ‘Iran A-Z’ project on her blog and find out about different places all over Iran.

Discover Tehran and Iran with @stranger_in_tehran

And of course, don`t forget to follow Stranger in Tehran! In my Instagram account, I`m telling about travelling to Iran, culture and everyday life of Iranians. Also, you will get to know different faces of Tehran, a vibrant metropolis and the capital of Iran. Events, sights, shopping tips – you`ll find here everything you need to know for travelling to Tehran or living in here.

Ajil, a mix of various nuts and dried fruits, is a must-have for a proper celebration of Nowruz, Iranian New Year. It’s the main treat served to guests at endless family gatherings during New Year holidays. Nowruz is less than a month away, so it’s high time to start preparing for it. One of the things you can do way beforehand is stock up with nuts. . According to my mini research and experience, the best place to shop for ajil is Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. There are 3 shops in Ahangarha alley at the Grand bazaar which are believed to offer better quality: Naser Giahi, Bayaziyan and Morteza Noor-e Jahan. People coming here normally buy kilograms of various nuts for the whole family and relatives. My advice is to not postpone it till the very last minute, otherwise you’ll have to spend a lot of time in lines. . And don’t forget to save this shopping tip to easily find it when you need it!) . #shoppingintehran #countdowntonowruz #tehrangrandbazaar

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Hope you`ve found someone interesting among these Instagram accounts about Iran and of course, I hope they will inspire you to come and see this extraordinary country with your own eyes! By the way, what is your favorite Instagram account about Iran? All recommendations are more than welcome. And don`t forget to pin this article for later or share it with friends!

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