Tehran Event Guide - November 2016
Events in Tehran

Tehran Events Guide: November 24-30

Tehran Event Guide - November 2016

One of the problems I had during these five years living in Tehran is that it is really hard to find out about different cultural events in Tehran. The situation with event promotion and informing is just horrible here. So many times I missed great events and found out about them from a friend who took part in them. Sometimes I found out about an event a day before or even the same day! In many countries there are online or paper magazines which promote various concerts, exhibitions, movies or other cultural things. Finally, if you don`t follow them, you can check the website of specific cinema, theater of gallery. Well, in Iran it`s different. There are no magazines like Time Out that can help choose where to go out this weekend, websites are outdated. Of course, Iranians are really trying to change the situation and invite more and more people to their events using social networks and distributing free brochures listing various exhibitions, but they have a long way to go.

But I have good news for you! From now on I will publish an events guide every week which I really hope will keep you updated and make going out easier for you! In this section I`ll be telling about exhibitions, movies (in English, of course), concerts, festivals and other happenings that might interest you so that you won`t have to check multiple websites to decide where to go at the weekend!
The upcoming week doesn`t have much in store for us, because November 28 and 30 are official holidays due to the commemoration of death of the Prophet and martyrdom of Imam Reza. If you don`t go travelling like many Iranians during the week, here is what you can do instead.


Spanish-Iranian Photo Exhibition at Silk Road Gallery will be on till November 27.
      Address: No.210, Techno Ajor Bldg, Keshavarz Blvd, between Vesal and Ghods St, Tehran
      Open from 3 till 7 pm every day except Saturdays and official holidays.
Masterplan (Mixed Media Solo Exhibition) at Ab-Anbar Gallery will be on till December 15.
      Address: No.2, Roshanmanesh Alley, Khaghani St, Enghelab St, Darvazeh Dolat, Tehran
      Open from 12 till 8 pm every day except Saturdays.
Iranian and Arab Modern Art Exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
      will be on display till December 23.
      Address: near Laleh Park, North Kargar St, Tehran
      Open: 10 am-6pm Sunday-Thursday, 3-6 pm Friday
Autumn Collection Exhibition at Shams Art Gallery (on display till December 11)
      Address: No.10, Khan Sefid Alley, Niavaran Cultural Center, North Pasdaran St.
      Open from 9.30 am till 7 pm every day except Thursday and official holidays

And three exhibition openings this Friday:

Maryam Khoonsar Solo Photo Exhibition at Haft Samar Gallery (on display till December 7)
      Address: No.8, 5th Alley, Kooh-e Noor St, Motahari St, Tehran
      Opening on Friday 4-8 pm.
Zhazeh Tabatabaee Painting and Sculpture Exhibition at Shahrivar Gallery
      (on display till December 23)
      Address: No.9, Hormoz DE, North Khazar St, Elahieh, Tehran
      Opening on Friday 4-8pm
Printmaking Group Exhibition at Atbin Gallery (on display till December 6)
      Address: No.42, Khakzad St, Touraj St, South of Parkway Crossing, Valiasr Ave, Tehran
      Opening on Friday 4-9 pm


NOTE that foreign films are usually shown in original language with Farsi subtitles.
Week of European films at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
      November 24-25 at 4 pm and 6 pm. Details of screenings are not available, unfortunately.
      Address: near Laleh Park, North Kargar St, Tehran
⇛ The Act of Killing (a 2012 documentary) at Niavaran Cultural Center
      November 26 at 7 pm. Tickets can be purchased at tiwall.com
Les Carabiniers (a 1963 Jean-Luc Godard film)
     within Cinematheque Screenings at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
     November 27 at 5 pm. Tickets can be purchased at tiwall.com
If there is any particular kind of events that you want to learn more about, or if you have your own recommendations, I will be more than happy to hear them! Don`t hesitate to write them in the comments! ????????????

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